Breakfast recipes-Semolina Dessert (Sooji ka halwa /Sheera)

It is a delicious dessert that can be prepared within few minutes. Sooji halwa is usually made for pooja. You can eat plain sooji ka halwa or with poori. Sooji is also called as rawa. In English we called sooji as semolina. Semolina is a roughly ground grain frequently used while making upma,sooji ka halwa,pastas,sooji […]


Masala chaas (Buttermilk) #GM Diet# Breakfast recipes

I always add chaas in my daily Diet chart. Usually I prepare salty chaas or masala chaas. If you go to any south Indian home, their meals finished after have curd rice. That habit is prolonged to me. My hubby loves it. That’s why I always prepare different varieties of chaas. Here I used curd, […]

Arbi Kabab

Protein Rich Food -Breakfast recipes: Arbi (Colocasia) kabab

Generally we prepare kababs with potatoes, but in today’s recipe instead of potatoes I used Arbi (colocasia) to prepare kababs. Usually kids don’t eat Arbi (colocasia), sweet potatoes, soybeans; you can prepare kababs through it also. It is the healthy as well as nutritious breakfast recipes. Kids will definitely love it. It is very simple recipe to prepare. Read more about Protein Rich Food -Breakfast recipes: Arbi (Colocasia) kabab