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Except proteins, fats and carbohydrates our body needs all essential 9 vitamins and 11 minerals also, every day. Fruits and vegetables are the only source of vitamins and minerals. They are high in fiber.

When I search How to lose weight naturally everywhere I got only one answer “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables”.

Fruits and vegetables are mostly comes in low glycemic index food category. They are fat free food, and only one which contains phytonutrients. Phytonutrients helps to prevent lots of disease even helps to prevent and cure cancer also.


The good thing with the summer special salad is just cut, mix and eats no need to do more work with it.

Instead of serving starters serve summer special salad it will refresh your mood and taste. Summer Special Salad is low in Calories,you can add it in your GM Diet Plan also.

Main Ingredient of Summer Special Salad is – Cucumber, tomato, carrot, lichi, curd and sabja seeds.

In summer special salad you can add beetroot and pomegranate also. Here I added curd which is the protein rich food; it makes your salad delicious as well as curd and sabja seeds work as cooling agent.

Sabja seed is packed with proteins, iron, fiber and vitamin K. Due to high fiber contain it helps to improve digestion as well as helps in weight loss.

Skin Specialist in Mumbai tells that sabja seeds help a lot in skin related issues such as dry, patchy skin, skin psoriasis.

Tip – take 1 tea spoon sabja seed crush it, don’t soak in water. Take 100 ml of coconut oil, heat coconut oil in the pan add crushed sabja seeds to it, turn off the flame. Keep it aside for cooling. Strain it and store it in a glass bottle. Apply this oil every day. It works wonder in skin related issues.(If you have any irritation stop it. Please consult your dermatologist before using it)

Health benefits of Summer Special Salad

  • Summer special salad is best for people taking diabetes treatment as it helps to regulate the blood sugar.
  • Summer special salad is high in Vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, iron which is very essential for hair health.
  • Summer special salad helps to reduce acidity.
  • Summer special salad is good for skin as it is rich in fiber, vitamin and minerals.
  • Summer special salad works as coolant also.
  • Summer special salad is one of the best breakfast recipes for GM Diet.


Serving size – 2-3 person

Preparation time – 10 minutes



Cucumber–100 gm (1/2 medium size)

Tomato–100gm (1 big size)

Carrot–20gm (1 small size)

Lichi – 3 no (10gmlichi flesh)

Curd- 30gm (2 tbsp)


Lemon – 1/2 no (5 ml)

Sabja (basil seeds)–5gm (1 tsp)

Golmirch (black pepper) powder – 2.5gm (1/2 tsp)

Jeera (cumin seed) powder- 5gm (1 tsp)

Salt- as per taste


  1. Wash cucumber,tomato,carrot and mint.
  2. Peel carrot ,lichi and cucumber. Cut tomato and cucumber into square pieces. Cut carrot into round shape. Separate lichi flesh to seeds and make small pieces.
  3. Soak sabja seeds for 60 min in water.
  4. In a bowl take chopped (cucumber, carrot, tomato, lichi) pour curd and soaked sabja seeds sprinkle mint leaves mix it well.
  5. Season with black pepper powder, jeera powder and salt.
  6. Refrigerate for 10 minutes. Serve it with biryani/pulav.


Nutritional information of Summer Special Salad

Energy kCal- 117.6,

Protein, gm – 5.2,

Carbohydrates, gm – 16.5,

Fat, gm – 3.3,

Dietary Fiber, gm – 9.7,

Vitamin A, mcg – 979.5,

Vitamin B1, mg – 0.2,

Vitamin B2, mg – 0.2,

Vitamin B3, mg – 1.2,

Vitamin B6, mg – 0.0,

Vitamin B9 Folic Acid, mcg – 62.9,

Vitamin B12, mcg – 0.0 ,

Vitamin C, mg – 43.0,

Vitamin D, mcg – 0.0,

Vitamin E, mg – 0.5,

Vitamin K, mcg – 24,

Calcium, mg – 262.7,

Phosphorus, mg – 245.2,

Iron, mg – 4.6,

Magnesium, mg – 77.0,

Copper, mcg – 457.5,

Manganese, mg – 0.7,

Molybdenum, mcg – 70.0,

Zinc, mg – 1.1,

Chromium, mcg – 23.4,

Selenium, mcg – 0.0,

Omega 3, mg – 0.0,

Omega 6, mg – 0.0

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