Protein Rich food -breakfast recipes: – Banana Oats smoothie

Whenever I was tired and exhausted, I used to prepare smoothies. First of all smoothies and juices helps to make you feel fresh as well as they work as instant energy booster. Generally I don’t prefer to add sugar or honey in Smoothies; Instead of simple sugar I added Dry figs to it (totally optional). Dry figs and walnuts are packed with nutrients such as Omega 3 essential fatty acids, fibers, iron and other nutrients. Our Dietitian suggested us to take omega 3 nutrient rich food, it not only essential for brain but also it is important for healthy looking skin.


Banana oats smoothie is an energy booster drink. It is a super food. Banana Oats Smoothie is packed with nutrients.  It comes in healthy Breakfast recipes section. You can have Banana Oats Smoothie after your exercise. After drinking it you feel full for the longer period of time. Banana Oats smoothie helps to relive from muscles cramp caused by exercise. It is easy and quick recipe for preparation as well as you can get easily banana everywhere and it is affordable too. Banana oats smoothie is rich in Potassium, Potassium is very essential for heart health; it helps to make blood pressure control.

Protien Rich Food


Main ingredients of Banana Oats Smoothie

  • Banana
  • Oats
  • Low fat milk
  • Low fat yogurt


6 (2)


Health benefits of Banana Oats Smoothie

  • Banana Oats Smoothie is a Protein Rich food. In a single serving you will get almost 8 g of Proteins.
  • Banana Oats Smoothie is Calcium rich food also; calcium helps to strengthen the bones and teeth.
  • Banana Oats Smoothie is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 essential fatty acids helps to reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol level by raising the HDL (Good) cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure.
  • Banana Oats Smoothie is works as energy booster for you; Single serving of Banana Oats Smoothie provides you almost 303 kcal.
  • Banana Oats Smoothie is rich in Dietary fibers, helps to make you feel full for the longer period of time.

Serving size – 2

Total time (Preparation +cook) – 5 minutes

Shelf life – serve immediately


1 (3)

Banana – 2 no

Low fat yogurt – 1/2 cup

Low fat milk – 1 cup

Oats – 1 tbsp

Cocoa powder – 1/2 tsp (Optional)

Dry fig – 4 no (Optional)

Walnut – 6 no

Honey – 1 tsp (Optional)


1 – In Blender, combine oats, milk, cocoa powder, yogurt, banana, honey, dry figs, and walnut. Puree it, until it smooth.

2 (3)

2 – Pour it in two glasses.

3 – Garnish with sliced banana and walnuts.

4 – Serve it immediately.

Nutritional Information of Banana Oats smoothie recipe

Energy kCal – 609.0,

Protein, gm – 16.5,

Carbohydrates, gm – 83.7,

Fat, gm – 23.20,

Dietary Fiber, gm – 5.5,

Vitamin A, mcg – 312.6,

Vitamin B1, mg – 0.3,

Vitamin B2, mg – 0.8,

Vitamin B3, mg – 1.5,

Vitamin B6, mg – 0.0,

Vitamin B9 Folic Acid, mcg – 32.4,

Vitamin B12, mcg – 0.4,

Vitamin C, mg – 20.4,

Vitamin D, mcg – 1.9,

Vitamin E, mg – 0.0,

Vitamin K, mcg – 0.0,

Calcium, mg – 471.90,

Phosphorus, mg – 420.0,

Iron, mg – 2.3,

Magnesium, mg – 144.7,

Copper, mcg – 567.5,

Manganese, mg – 0.8,

Molybdenum, mcg – 0.0,

Zinc, mg – .9,

Chromium, mcg – 21.9,

Selenium, mcg – 0.0,

Omega 3, mg – 1170.0,

Omega 6, mg – 0.0


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