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Pudina (mint) is an herb which is low in calories and rich in phyto-nutrients as well as antioxidants. Pudina comes in low glycemic index food category.You can add it in your GM Diet plan. We usually use it in Breakfast recipes such as seasoning our salad, for preparing smoothies, chutney,sandwiches etc. Pudina (mint leaves) gives a unique flavor to almost everything whatever you cook from it.Green leafy vegetables are rich in iron and fiber.


As per Dietitian in Mumbai, many pregnant women frequently ask “What to eat during pregnancy?”They suggests them to have pudina chutney or pudina tea. This helps them to boost your mood, immunity as well as it beats the morning sickness issue.

Health benefits of Mint Green Mango chutney recipe

  • Pudina helps a lot in IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). As menthol presents in it, which helps the enzymes essential for digestion. Pudina is also helpful to beat the acidity.
  • Pudina leaves gives cooling effect also, that’s why in summer we get pudina(mint) lot. It also helps us from sunstroke.
  • To prevent pimples skin specialist in Mumbai suggests using pudina face pack, because Pudina has anti – bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Also it contains salicylic acid, which helps to prevent the pimples, blemishes.
  • As pudina and mangoes are high in antioxidants which helps to boost the immunity power.
  • Due to anti bacterial properties pudina kills the bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay.
  • Pudina contain phytonutrients, it has capability to prevent from skin cancer and colon cancer.

Serving size – 5 person

Preparation time – 15 minutes



Pudina (mint)–100 gm (2 bunches)

Onion–60 gm (2 medium sizes)

Green mango–100 gm (1 small size)

Green chili–5 gm (4 no)

Garlic–5 gm (6 – 7 cloves)

Jeera-5 gm(1 tsp)

Salt- as per taste


1- In a mixer take freshly rinsed mint leaves/pudina, chopped green chili, chopped onion, garlic cloves chopped mango, jeera. Grind with a little water to a smooth paste.

2- Serve with breakfast recipes such as hot tikkas, samosa, dosa,idli or you can spread this chutney to your bread also for making sandwich, it goes very well on it.

I like to have it with hot rice by adding little oil. It gives wonderful taste as well as many health benefits.


Nutritional information of Mint Green Mango chutney recipe

 Energy, kCal- 148.5,

Protein, gm – 7.6,

Carbohydrates, gm – 25,

Fat, gm – 1.5,

Dietary Fiber, gm – 12.6,

Vitamin A, mcg – 1744.9,

Vitamin B1, mg – 0.2,

Vitamin B2, mg – 0.3,

Vitamin B3, mg – 1.6 ,

Vitamin B6, mg – 0.0,

Vitamin B9 Folic Acid, mcg – 119.1,

Vitamin B12, mcg – 0.0 ,

Vitamin C, mg – 43,

Vitamin D, mcg – 0.0,

Vitamin E, mg – 0.0,

Vitamin K, mg – 0.0,

Calcium, mg – 295.1,

Phosphorus, mg – 156.1,

Iron, mg – 17.2,

Magnesium, mg – 126.5,

Copper, mcg – 455.0,

Manganese, mg – 0.9,

Molybdenum, mcg – 21.5,

Zinc, mg – 1.1,

Chromium, mcg – 66.4,

Selenium, mcg – 0.0,

Omega 3, mg – 0.0,

Omega 6, mg – 0.0





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