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Raita is best recipe for everyone especially for those who are looking for how to lose weight naturally. Raita is rich in dietary fiber, due to high fiber content it makes you feel full prevents from overeating. Raita are rich in vitamins and minerals but low are carbs as well as fats; therefore try to add raita in your diet chart every day. Usually I took raw vegetables and fresh curd to prepare raita, during summer it is very essential to cool our body, as we know curd works as coolant for the body as well as it has so many health benefits also.



Main ingredients of Cucumber raita- cucumber, curd, carrot, tomato, onion, mint

Why I added all of the ingredients as main ingredient?

Because  each and every vegetable gives you different health benefits. It hardly takes 10 minutes for preparation. Raita can be easily digestible, it is travel friendly also. You don’t need to be a master chef to prepare raita, everyone can easily prepare it.

Raita is rich source of vitamins and minerals like:

  • Vitamin A (it boost our immunity)
  • Vitamin C (Prevents from infection, improve iron absorption in the body, maintain healthy skin gums and bones)
  • Calcium (good for bone health, help blood to clot, muscles contraction)
  • Alpha- and beta-carotene (An antioxidant which help to protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer),
  • Iron (Prevents anemia)

Health benefits of Cucumber Raita

  • It is a protein rich food. As we now proteins are very essential for body because our body can’t store it.
  • Cucumber raita is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A.
  • It is rich in dietary fibers.
  • Cucumber raita is rich in calcium, phosphorus, copper and other nutrients.
  • Cucumber raita contains fair amount of vitamin B and folic acid.

Serving size-3 person

Preparation time-10 minutes


Cucumber-200gm (1 medium size)

Carrot-50gm (1 medium size)

Tomato -50gm (1 medium size)

Pudina (mint) – 1 small bunch

Onion- 60gm (1 medium size)


Jeera (cumin seeds)-1 tsp

Ajwain (carom seeds)-1 tsp

Green chilli-3 no

Sugar-1/2 tsp

Salt- as per taste

For tempering

Curry leaves-1 spring

Mustard seeds-1 tsp

Oil-1 tsp


Chop cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato, green chills, mint leaves into small slices. As shown in figure.


In a bowl add curd, mint leaves, salt, ajwain and jeera powder. Mix it well.


In curd mixture add all chopped ingredients.


For tempering

Heat a pan add oil, add mustard seeds.

When mustard seeds starts crackle add curry leaves.


Add this tempering to raita, serve immediately, or store in fridge.

Nutritional Information of Cucumber Raita recipe

 Energy kCal- 293.5,

Protein, gm-10.5,

 Carbohydrates, gm-30.6,

Fat, gm-14.4,

 Dietary Fiber, gm-13.7,

 Vitamin A, mcg-1831.0,

Vitamin B1, mg-0.3,

Vitamin B2, mg-0.4,

 Vitamin B3, mg-1.9 ,

Vitamin B6, mg-0.0,

Vitamin B9 Folic Acid, mcg-97.5,

Vitamin B12, mcg-0.2,

Vitamin C, mg-47.0,

Vitamin D, mcg-0.0,

Vitamin E, mg-0.3,

Vitamin K, mcg-0.0,

Calcium, mg-489.1,

Phosphorus, mg-572.0,

 Iron, mg-6.3,

 Magnesium, mg-94.7,

 Copper, mcg-612.0,

Manganese, mg-0.9,

 Molybdenum, mcg-166.0,

Zinc, mg-1.6,

 Chromium, mcg-32.1,

 Selenium, mcg-0.0,

Omega 3, mg-110.0,

Omega 6, mg-1720.0



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