Ginger chutney(Allam pachadi) #Protein Rich Food #Breakfast Recipes

Today I am adding one of my favorite chutney – Ginger chutney. During winter season I frequently prepare this chutney. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices among all. Ginger has so many medicinal properties also. Ginger is packed with essential nutrients and bioactive compounds. It comes in low glycemic index food category. The sweet […]


Protein Rich Food #Breakfast recipes #Coconut chutney (kobbari putnala pappu pachadi)

Usually I make coconut chutney roughly 2 to 4 times in a week; It not only goes well with other breakfast recipes but also for snacks like sandwiches, pakoda etc. Generally south Indian people make different kinds of coconut chutneys to serve up with plain rice and dollop of ghee. I am sharing one of the healthiest […]

Protien Rich Food

Protein Rich food -breakfast recipes: – Banana Oats smoothie

Whenever I was tired and exhausted, I used to prepare smoothies. First of all smoothies and juices helps to make you feel fresh as well as they work as instant energy booster. Generally I don’t prefer to add sugar or honey in Smoothies; Instead of simple sugar I added Dry figs to it (totally optional). Dry figs and walnuts are packed with nutrients such as Omega 3 essential fatty acids, fibers, iron and other nutrients. Our Dietitian suggested us to take omega 3 nutrient rich food, it not only essential for brain but also it is important for healthy looking skin. Read more about Protein Rich food -breakfast recipes: – Banana Oats smoothie

Arbi Kabab

Protein Rich Food -Breakfast recipes: Arbi (Colocasia) kabab

Generally we prepare kababs with potatoes, but in today’s recipe instead of potatoes I used Arbi (colocasia) to prepare kababs. Usually kids don’t eat Arbi (colocasia), sweet potatoes, soybeans; you can prepare kababs through it also. It is the healthy as well as nutritious breakfast recipes. Kids will definitely love it. It is very simple recipe to prepare. Read more about Protein Rich Food -Breakfast recipes: Arbi (Colocasia) kabab