Kuskara (recipe from leftover chapatti)#Protien rich food#Breakfast recipes

Today I am adding one more healthy breakfast recipe in my breakfast recipes section. It is very easy to prepare as well as it is very nutritious. You need only few ingredients such as leftover chapattis, onion, green chili and other spices to prepare this recipe. This is healthy as well as very tasty. It […]


Coconut lime chutney#Protein Rich food#Breakfast Recipes

Coconut lime chutney is bright in color as well as flavor, take just minutes to Prepare. It combines coconut, lime and a bit of chili heat. Coconut lime chutney is no onion no garlic recipe. This chutney goes well with batata wada, dosa, mendu vada, or any other Breakfast recipes. Tangy taste and crunchiness of this […]


Green(Kacha) mango coconut chutney#Breakfast recipes

Green mango coconut chutney is very simple for preparation. It hardly takes 10 minutes usually we crush or grind the raw ingredients to make chutney. Green mango coconut chutney is low in calories, low in fats, but high in vitamins and minerals.If you are searching how to lose weight naturally try to add chutneys in […]