Vegetable Kadhi(Pulusu) # Protein Rich Food # How to lose weight naturally

Vegetable Kadhi(Pulusu) can be easily prepared; it is loaded with nutrients as well as contains very low carbohydrates. This recipe is best for the people who are looking how to lose weight naturally. In preparation of Vegetable Kadhi(pulusu), I added brinjal, bottle gourd, okra, onion. If you want you can add drumsticks, carrot and tomatoes […]


Masala chaas (Buttermilk) #GM Diet# Breakfast recipes

I always add chaas in my daily Diet chart. Usually I prepare salty chaas or masala chaas. If you go to any south Indian home, their meals finished after have curd rice. That habit is prolonged to me. My hubby loves it. That’s why I always prepare different varieties of chaas. Here I used curd, […]


Mint Green Mango Chutney #Breakfast Recipes#GM Diet Recipes

Pudina (mint) is an herb which is low in calories and rich in phyto-nutrients as well as antioxidants. Pudina comes in low glycemic index food category.You can add it in your GM Diet plan. We usually use it in Breakfast recipes such as seasoning our salad, for preparing smoothies, chutney,sandwiches etc. Pudina (mint leaves) gives a […]


GM Diet-Protein rich food- breakfast recipes: Tomato Raita (Tomato perugupachadi)

Here is another recipe made from tomatoes. A yummy tomato with curd combination is so tasty. During summer it’s very important to hydrate our body. Curd is the best food for us, because curd cools down and neutralizes the heat produced in body as well as it hydrates our body too. That’s why always add […]

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Breakfast Recipes for GM Diet – Apple Salsa

Apple salsa is quick and easy to prepare recipe, it hardly takes 10 minutes to prepare .You don’t need to be a Master chef to prepare Apple salsa, just cut, mix and serve that is what you have to do. It is packed with nutrients. It contains zero Trans fat. Today is the 2nd day of my hubby’s GM Diet, He got bore with that same fruits and veggies. He asked me to make something healthy as well as it doesn’t contain more than 100 calories/serving. Read more about Breakfast Recipes for GM Diet – Apple Salsa