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Usually we prepare boondi raita, cucmber raita, tomato raita but for the change today I made baingan raita. It is very simple as well as mouth-watering recipe. It is basically Andhra cuisine recipe. We called baingan raita as Vankaya perugu pachadi in telegu. Brinjal is very versatile vegetable; it is easily mixed in anything base you cook it in. It goes well with rice, chapattis, upma, poha or other breakfast recipes. If you are searching how to lose weight naturally, it is the best recipe for you as it is low in carbs but high in dietary fiber, it makes you feel full for longer time.


Main ingredient of Baingan Raita (Vankaya perugu pachadi) is Baingan & curd

Brinjal is rich in potassium, iron, calcium and it contain fair amount of vitamin B, vitamin C. as well as it contain good amount of phyto-nutrients, these phyto-nutrients and antioxidants works as anti ageing, anti- cancer, anti-inflammation agent. Curd is the rich source of calcium as well as proteins. The curd and brinjal combination is very tasty as well as very healthy also. It is totally low carb food. Sometimes I skip my salad and soups; in its place I add different raitas such as onion raita, tomato raita, baingan raita, cucumber raita etc. And Baingan raita is one of my favorite recipe.


Health benefits of Baingan Raita (Vankaya perugu pachadi)

  • It is High fiber food. Those who are looking how to lose weight naturally helps a lot.
  • It is rich in proteins and low in carbs.
  • It is rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin C, Vitamin A, vitamin B.
  • It is a good source of calcium, phosphorus and copper.
  • It is good for skin as well as hair, it contain fair amount of iron, zinc and other minerals.
  • This recipe needs very less oil for preparation it comes into low fat recipe.


Serving size-6 person

 Total (Preparation +cook) time-20 minutes

Shelf life– 1 day



Baingan (Brinjal)-300g


Mustard seeds (Rai)-1 teaspoon

Methi (fenugreek seeds)-1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric (haldi)-a pinch

Dry chilli-3 no

Green chills- 2 no

Salt- as per taste

Oil-1 teaspoon


1-Wash and apply oil coat to brinjal, tandoor it. As shown in figure.


2- Cut green chilli in long slice.

3- In a bowl mash baingan, add curd, sliced green chilli, salt and turmeric to it, mix it well.


For tempering

In pan take 1 tsp oil add mustard seeds, methi seeds and dry chilli, fry it for 30 seconds.

Add this tempering to mashed baingan mixture, mix it well.


Serve it with rice, chapattis or any other breakfast recipes.

Nutritional Information of Baingan Raita recipe


Energy kCal- 277.3,

Protein, gm-12.3,

Carbohydrates, gm-21.1,

Fat, gm-16.1,

Dietary Fiber, gm-21.0,

Vitamin A, mcg-303.6,

Vitamin B1, mg-0.3,

Vitamin B2, mg-0.7,

Vitamin B3, mg-3.2 ,

Vitamin B6, mg-0.0,

Vitamin B9 Folic Acid, mcg-130.7,

Vitamin B12, mcg-0.3 ,

Vitamin C, mg-43.6,

Vitamin D, mcg-0.0,

Vitamin E, mg-0.0,

Vitamin K, mcg-0.0,

Calcium, mg-383.5,

Phosphorus, mg-378.1,

Iron, mg-3.0,

Magnesium, mg-64.5,

Copper, mcg-493.2,

Manganese, mg-0.7,

Molybdenum, mcg-8.0,

Zinc, mg-1.1,

Chromium, mcg-28.4,

Selenium, mcg-0.0,

Omega 3, mg-0.0,

Omega 6, mg-1950.0




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